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Opportunities for Emerging Leaders!


First Year and Second Year Leadership Programs

The mission of the Leadership East County Program is to utilize the unique perspective, experience and talent of its participants to identify, mentor and prepare the East County leaders of tomorrow with these goals:

  1. Identify and motivate current and emerging leaders committed to the betterment of East County.
  2. Acquaint participants with East County’s assets, needs and challenges.
  3. Provide a forum to promote, provoke, discuss, and resolve challenges with experienced community leaders.
  4. Encourage and promote active community involvement, whether it be strong business leaders, through public service, non-profit organizations, or volunteerism – persons who make a difference in the community.
  5. Increase personal awareness and confidence.

Leadership East County 1

for the 2017-2018 Leadership East County Program!

Year 1 – Leadership East County Program
Together you and your group will have the opportunity to make a difference in our community. Discuss with your teammates a topic that holds a special interest as you collectively develop a project that can have a positive impact in the community. Discover the thrill of working with others in leadership roles as you bring your project to life.




Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Rebekah Basson
Michelle Berens
Mary Case
Trevor Davis
Ruth Gillis
Brian Hayward
Brian Manns
Ute Maschke
Kevin Maxwell
Kevin Mercer
David Moran
Tina Olivarez
Mark Ostrowski
Erin Perschbacher
Troy Rogers
Vanessa Ruiz
LeAnne Smith
Cameron Stewart
Nhu Tran
Chris Wiley
Chris Wilson

2017-2018 Program Schedule:
8/25 – Orientation
9/15 – Economy
10/13 – Human Services
11/17 – Justice
12/8 – Education
1/12-13 – Retreat
2/9 – Government & Safety
3/9 – Health Care
4/13 – Regional Collaboration
5/11 – Culture & Diversity
6/8 – Future Vision Project Presentations and Graduation

Experiences in the Program:

  • Leadership Dynamics                          
  • Culture, History & Diversity
  • The Justice System
  • The Leadership Retreat
  • Regional Collaboration
  • Human Services
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Government & Safety
  • Future Vision



HOW TO PARTICIPATE Participants are individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, involvement, and knowledge of the community. You should be willing to contribute your individual talents to the betterment of the East County community and make a thorough commitment to the philosophy of the program.

  • Program begins in August
  • Meets once a month – Every Second Friday (with a few exceptions due to Holidays)
  • One day a month: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, plus a day and a half overnight retreat
  • Monthly attendance required
  • Graduation in June
  • Class locations vary according to subject matter

Second Year Program:
Regional Alliance of Leaders (ReAL)

Exclusively for the Alumni of leadership programs, you can qualify to be a part of a superiDSCN8854or team of leaders who will focus upon key problems in the region while exploring all of San Diego County’s complex issues and understanding better how they influence the East County Region. This program has a very strong focus, solving bigger issues in the East County and focuses upon the entire San Diego County as the setting for classes.

Call 619-440-6161 for applications and more information.

Regional Alliance of Leaders Program Information

Be a Member of The Best Class!

Leadership Future Vision Projects – 2015-1992

A limited amount of tuition assistance is available for both Leadership Programs.

For More Information: Contact the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce Phone: 619.440.6161 or email us at

Leadership Alumni

Become a part of a 25+ year tradition, the Leadership Alumni.  Enjoy special discounts at Alumni Events, share information about your vision project, and join the exclusive Facebook page to stay connected with fellow LEC Alumni!