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El Cajon Citizen of The Year

//El Cajon Citizen of The Year
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El Cajon Citizen of the Year

Event Date: February 5th, 2018 at Noon

Celebrating the 2017 Citizen of the Year Joe Garzanelli


Congratulations to this year’s nominees and the Winner of Citizen of the Year 2017, Joe Garzanelli.   Joe is the principal owner and Broker of Keller Williams Realty in El Cajon, Joe Garzanelli is proudly building one of the dynamic real estate training facilities in the region. Joe is very well known through his various affiliations and through his charitable volunteer work and donations. Joe is passionate about El Cajon and the region and he dedicates his life to helping others. His ethical makeup is enviable as he is always there to do things the right way the first time.

Joe has been a member of the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce member since 1995; the San Diego East County Leadership Program Graduate 1997, Rotary Club of El Cajon member 2001-2008; Founding member of Stoney’s Kids; San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce Board Director 2007-2010; St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center volunteer, Home of Guiding Hands Volunteer, East County Boys and Girls Club volunteer and Lions, Tigers and Bears Volunteer.  Joe has worked with Stoney’s kids from it’s inception including helping with the D.A.R.E. program in El Cajon, supporting youth and helping kids stay away from drugs. Stoney’s Kids continues, and Joe has helped through the years with donations of money and toys for the East County Toy Drive in El Cajon serving many families in the region.

Join us for the El Cajon Citizen of the Year Luncheon, please purchase your Tickets today.
Event Date: February 5th, 2018 from 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm, Tickets are $20 each includes lunch
at the El Cajon Elks Lodge 1812

or call 619-440-6161 for ticket reservations

Past El Cajon Citizen of the Year Winners

Congratulations to the following winners!

2016: Dick Nasif


2015: Humbert Cabrera.

Chuck laughing-MIP

2014: Chuck Hansen


2013: Shirley Johnson

2012: Sunshine Horton

2011: Odie Goward

2010: Steve Hamann

2009: Lauri G. Riley

2008: Kirk L. Gentry

2007: Jillian Hanson-Cox

2006: Debra Comstock

2005: James Davis

2004: Drum Macomber

2003: Allen C. Brown

2002: James Daniels

2001: Bill Fischbeck

2000: Wendell Cutting

1999: Les Hart

1998: Elizabeth Montgomery

1997: No Selection

1996: Viola Durrett

1995: Trent Huls

1994: Dorothy Maranda

1993: Ron Fields

1992:  Jerry Fazio

1991:  Ron Paris

1990:  Yvonne Beckner

1989:  Steve Eckis

1988:  Jerry Hollingsworth

1987:  B.W. “Stoney” Stone

1986:  Russ Stockwell

1985:  Jack Hanson

1984:  Bob Webb

1983:  Mary Funk

1982:  Vincent Ciruzzi

1981:   Charles Cordell

1980:  Penne L. Thacher

1979:  Hazel Sperry

1978:  Charles V. Ferree

1977:  Lucille Moore

1976:  Bob Cornett

1975:  Jim Snapp

1974:  Lynn R. McDougal

1973:  Harriet Stockwell

1972:  C. Rupert Linley

1971:  Dick Brown   

1970:  Howard Pierce and Portia Goode

1969:  Ken Brown   

1968:  Chloris Scott

1967:  Charles W. Decker

1966:  Dr. Lowell Smith

1965:  Dr. George Brown, Jr

1964:  Elmer and Peggy Wiesendanger

1963:  Bob Swearengin

1962:  Nat Eggert 

1961:  Karl Tuttle

1960:  Joseph O’Connor and Aileen Sauders

1959:  Lewis Smith

1958:  Tom Jackman

1957:  Tom Wigton

1956:  Rex Hall    

1955:  Sen. Jack Schrade