San Diego East County Homeless Task Force

Mission: To develop solutions to reduce homelessness by working collaboratively with all sectors of our communities.”

Vision: We will improve our communities by effectively dealing with homeless issues.

  • Development of a short and long range Strategic Plan
  • Bringing together all sectors of the community to tackle Homelessness
  • Ten Project Teams are continuing to meet and develop action plans with innovative ideas
  • Chamber providing updates for each city and the County in East County
  • Coordinating with the San Diego County Homeless Regional Task Force
  • Next Meeting:

Where can you donate to help support services who help the Homeless in San Diego’s East County?

  1. Crisis House – 922 S Sunshine Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020 – (619) 444-1194
  2. East County Transitional Living Center – 1527 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92021 Phone: (619) 442-0457
  3. Salvation Army – East County Division – 1011 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92021 Phone: (619) 440-4683
  4.  Interfaith Shelter Network Or donate to your Local Church
  5. San Diego East County Chamber Foundation – San Diego East County Homeless Task Force (619) 440-6161
  6. San Diego Food Bank1-866-350-FOOD Toll Free

East County Homeless Task Force – Self-Directed Project Teams and Chairs:

Team 1: Marketing –

Team 2: Data Collection –

Team 3: Homeless Contact Teams – Jack Micklos, Crisis House ,

Team 4: Access to Services – Carol Lewis, El Cajon Collaborative,

Team 5: Reunification Program – Capt. Sean Kelsey , East County – Salvation Army,

Team 6: Shelters – Temporary through Long -Term Housing, Anna Marie Piconi Snyder, Our Lady of Grace Church,

Team 7: Dealing with Mental Illness – Charity White-Voth, San Diego County Mental Health,

Team 8: Law Enforcement & Related Issues

Team 9: Helping Homeless Youth

Team 10: Homeless Veterans


If you are interested in volunteering, and want to participate just call 619-440-6161 and ask to join a San Diego East County Homeless Task Force community team!

Task Force Coordinated by the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce. Follow and Like ECHTF on Facebook

News Stories:

Help for Businesses:

Anti Pan-Handling Marketing Program – Contact us if you would like a poster!

Store Retail Window Posters Proposed City Signs

Top Ten Things you can do to reduce homelessness impacts on your business

  1. Don’t sell alcohol, to homeless
  2. Clear away any shrubbery that homeless are frequenting and replace with drought tolerant plants that eliminate hiding places
  3. Ensure you have Bright Lighting & Security Cameras in all areas around your business
  4. Keep windows clear of posters so staff can see what is going on outside
  5. Put Locks and Cages around all outside trash containers
  6. Give a homeless person small jobs to do to help your business and they can help keep other homeless away
  7. Help get homeless into housing by being sure they go to Crisis House in El Cajon to fill out a SPDAT Survey which will get them started on the path to recovery
  8. Hire a Security Guard with other nearby business tenants to help reduce vagrancy
  9. Put up anti-Panhandling posters that explain how to support non-profit services instead of giving to the homeless (Can be provided by the Task Force)
  10. In any emergency situation Call 911 and contact the police or fire department, for more information about a variety of homeless services Call 211

Contact the San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce if you need help with your business! 619-440-6161

How you can help:

Project Homeless Connect is coming April 20, 2018 at Ronald Reagan Community Center in El Cajon from 10am-2pm. Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities are available.

“A Way Back Home” – San Diego East County Chamber & Salvation Army’s Homeless Reunification Program