How can you help?

If you are interested in finding solutions to homelessness in the East County, we encourage you to join one of our Solution Groups or donate to support the cause.

ECHTF is a community-based program that is run by volunteers. We organize ten Solution Groups that meet regularly to discuss how we can solve different aspects of homelessness. Each Solution Group focuses on a specific part of homelessness such as youth, mental health, shelter and housing.

Who serves on our Solution Groups?

Everyone is welcome at our Solution Groups as long as you are willing to work collaboratively and treat others with respect. You do not need to be a subject expert in order to join a Solution Group. As a Solution Group member, you will work with your neighbors from all walks of life — from service providers, church-members, residents, businesses, law enforcement and people experiencing homelessness.

Join a Solution Group

Our Solution Groups meet regularly and new members are always welcome. Below is a list of our active Solution Groups as well as an up-to-date calendar of upcoming meetings. For a summary of what each Solution Group  works on, please click here. Drop-ins are welcome!

Team 1: Marketing & Communications

Team 2: Data Collection

Team 3: Homeless Outreach

Team 4: Access to Services

Team 5: Reunification Program

Team 6: Shelter, Housing and Meals

Team 7: Mental Illness

Team 8: Law Enforcement

Team 9: Youth & Young Adult Homeless & Prevention

Team 10: Veteran Homelessness