Relocating My Home Residence

San Diego Beaches

San Diego Beaches

Marked by a perfect climate, wealth of housing types, and friendly culture, San Diego is one of the worlds finest cities to live, to work and to enjoy. San Diego’s East County offers wonderful schools, a wide variety of housing options, and convenience to all of San Diego with a terrific freeway system and public transit. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else in the United States! Following is guidance about living in San Diego and how to relocate.

San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce Relocation and Referral Guide 2020-2021

Government Relations and Connections

Home Relocation

Take care of important (mandatory) government related tasks before moving to San Diego.

Moving to San Diego County

Viejas Shopping Center Ice Skating

Viejas Shopping Center Ice Skating

Save Up Enough Money

  • Find an apartment or home based upon the rent you can afford
  • Determine how much you need to save: (1st month’s rent ) (last month’s rent ) (security deposit) (broker’s fee) (emergency: at least one month’s expenses)

Make a Budget

Calculate monthly income after taxes:

  • Determine how much rent you can afford (around 30% of monthly income)
  • Add cost of utilities to monthly rent:
  • Subtract rent and utilities total from monthly income and divide the remaining amount between food expenses, transportation expenses and leisure activities

Formulate Plan B

When Plan A does not work, it is always good to have a Plan B (backup plan).


  • Could you get a temporary job or find another source of income?
  • If a job falls through, will family/friends financially support you?
  • Could you get a temporary job (hosting, etc.)?